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VirusGuard is an ultra-premium, environmentally-friendly, bio-proof paint that promotes good hygiene and health. It is anti-viral and anti-baterial paint, made specifically to ensure that our wall are protceded and safe to touch. It is formulated with Silver ion Technology, which can resist the growth of up to 99% harmful viruses and bacteria on the painted surface. It is effective against Human Coronaviruses (Strain229E), Influenza (H1N1), Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) and many types of bacteria. Highly recommended for use on interiors of household, childcare centres, kindergarten schools, clinics, hospitals and other facilities.

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  • Increases defence against outbreak of diseases such as Human Coronaviruses (Strain229E), Influenza (H1N1), Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD)
  • Effective against bacteria such as E.coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Excellent washability
  • Safe to use and environmentally-friendly
  • Low odour
  • Import from Malaysia

Theoretical Coverage: 12-13 (m2/L/coat)

No of Coat Recommended: 2 coats

Diluent: No dilution is necessary for best performance

Drying Time - Touch dry: 30 minutes (at 30ºC)

Drying Time - Recoating: At least 2 hours base on normal conditions

Packing: 5 Litres

Finish: Matt

Colour: White color & Creamy White series


The information given applies to the product and its performance under specific test conditions. The actual data may vary slightly depending on the application conditions, methods, and surface conditions.


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Wan Chai - Cheong Fat Ho

Shau Kei Wan - Wing Hing Paints & Dyes

Kwun Tong - Luen Hing Paint Shop Co. Ltd.

MongKok - Nippon Paint Color Workspace

MongKok - Yau Fai Paint & Dye Kowloon Co. Limited

MongKok - Wang Fat Paints & Dyes

Tsuen Wan - Sun East Paints & Waterproof Materials Hong Limited

Shatin - Yau Cheung Paint And Dye Co

Tuen Mun - Ping Kee Pigment Co.

Sheung Shui - Kuen Kee Paint Co. Ltd.

Macau - Lun Heng Metals & Paint Limited

Macau - Shiu Kee Hong

Macau - Easy Plas (Macau) Materials Ltd.


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Excellent washability
Cover hairline cracks
Virtually no odour
Quick drying time
Against Hand-Foot-Mouth disease
Against eradicating
Durable color retention
Near-zero VOC
Excellent adhesion