Nippon Paint Water-based Waterproof Primer

Nippon Paint Water-based Waterproof Primer refined with high-density ethylene copolymer, with excellent adhesion and penetration. Strong continuity on rough cement surface, smoothen cement surface and concrete surface to achieve a good waterproof effect. In addition, can also be used in the stone surface, calcium silicate board and wave board and other materials, is a multi-function waterproof primer.



  • Excellent adhesion and penetration.



  1. Construction during continuous sunny days.
  2. Completely remove the loose material on the surface, the old film and dirt, and clean the moss, keep the surface without water before construction.
  3. Seal the roof drain with tape to prevent obstruction during construction.
  4. Dilute the primer with water at a ratio of 1: 3 (one cup of primer plus three cups of water), coated on the substrate with a roller, brush or spray, suggest to apply 1 time, so that the primer is completely penetrates. If the application is on non-absorbent material, apply it without dilute. In case of more loose surface, suggest to apply more to achieve the best construction quality.
  5. Application of the surface with cracks and seams, you can apply primer without diluted to strengthen the coating to improve the anti-cracking and waterproof effect.
  6. Application on the concrete, cement and other water-absorbing surfaces, can be apply on the wet surface, moisture can help on combination and penetration. If the application is on the non-absorbent surface, it is recommended to use sandpaper polish softly, and the surface must keep in dry condition. Apply the waterproof primer for 1 time and following with the top coat, cannot put heavy facility on the surface.
  7. According to the construction area required for the amount of primer deployment, and need to complete in one time.


Theoretical Coverage: 4kg (11.1~14.7㎡/coat), 15kg (41.7~55.0㎡/coat) The actual application area will be according to brush surface material, conditions and the thickness of the film.

No of Coat Recommended: 1 coat

Diluent: Water

Dilution Rate: As shown on the product label. If the application is on non-absorbent material, apply it without dilute.

Drying Time - Touch dry: 30°C for at least 30 minutes.

Packing: 4kg, 15kg


The information given applies to the product and its performance under specific test conditions. The actual data may vary slightly depending on the application conditions, methods, and surface conditions.


Quick drying time
Excellent adhesion