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Nippon Paint 2nd Generation Super 5-in-1

Nippon Paint 2nd Generation Super 5-in-1 Interior Emulsion Paint is now better than ever. It allows dirt and stains to be removed easily. With Nippon Paint 2nd Generation Super 5-in-1 Interior Emulsion Paint, homeowners can enjoy the beauty of their homes longer since colours remain vibrant for a long time. Also it covers hairline cracks and excellent water-proofing property to protect walls from water and moisture. Besides, it also has other outstanding features such as anti-fungus and alkali resistant with refreshing smell. Nippon Paint’s Colour Creations Centers are available for you to choose personalized colors via Nippon Paint’s unique computerized colour matching system.

  • Good washability
  • Waterproof
  • Covers hairline cracks
  • Anti-fungus and alkali resistant
  • Refreshing Odour
  • Matt finish, easy to apply
  • Computerized colour matching for more choices


Theoretical Coverage: 13-15 (m2/L/coat)

No of Coat Recommended: 2 coats

Diluent: Clean Water

Dilution Rate: 20% (Adjustment depends on application method)

Drying Time - Touch dry: At least 30 minutes (at 25ºC)

Drying Time - Recoating: At least 2 hours (at 25ºC)

Packing: 1 Litre, 5 Litres

Finish: Matt

Colour: 35 standard colours & Computerized Colour Matching Service Available for 1988 colours

The information given applies to the product and its performance under specific test conditions. The actual data may vary slightly depending on the application conditions, methods, and surface conditions.


*All colors shown on our website are strictly for your reference only, as different resolutions or settings of individual monitor may affect the presented colors. All colors are subject to the original paint color.

Excellent washability
Excellent adhesion
Excellent Hiding Power
Refreshing odour
Cover hairline cracks