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Nippon Paint (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. respects your privacy. To safeguard your privacy, please read the following personal data protection policy carefully.
1. Obtaining personal data:
We obtain personal data through the following channels:
  • Member login and registration: All members registering Nippon Paint website/ online activities provide their personal details like name, sex, email address, home address, birthday, profession and education level voluntarily.
  • Requesting color cards: Guests requesting color cards provide personal data like name, sex, email address and contact address voluntarily.
  • Enquiry: Guests requesting enquiry provide personal data like name, company name, telephone no, email and address.
  • Career Opportunity: Guests requesting job application provide personal data like name, sex, email, address, home telephone no., mobile phone no., HKID card/passport no., place of birth, nationality, marital status, academic qualifications, professional qualifications and job history.
We may ask for other data in connection with and to assist in our operations.
Nippon Paint will gather the information: IP address, time of use, browser of use, browse and click data when users visit this website.
2. Uses of personal data:
We transmit newsletters to email addresses and contact addresses provided by members. In addition to stating that such emails are transmitted by the web site of Nippon Paint (HK) Co. Ltd., we also provide an unsubscribe method for users to stop future communications or email newsletters. Personal data of all users will only be used for our corporate market promotion activities and analysis purposes. We will not disclose your personal data or use them for any other purpose.
3. Data Security:
Once we have obtained your personal data, they will be maintained securely in our system. Only the authorized staff, who has been properly trained, will be permitted to access to such personal data. We will also ensure compliance by our staff with the strictest standards of security and confidentiality.
4. Access and Correction of Personal Data:
You are fully entitled to know what personal data we may have about you and to correct any errors. To access or correct any personal data, or if you do not want your personal data to be used for the purpose of direct marketing, you can write to us at
  1. The information and services provided in this site by Nippon Paint (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. are solely for reference. Users understand and agree they should use their own judgement to decide whether to use or rely on such information, and solely bear all liabilities arising therefrom.
  2. Nippon Paint (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. expressly states that it makes no guarantee or representation, whether express or implied, for the accuracy, completeness or otherwise of any information or services provided by this site. It shall bear no liability for any act related to such information or services.
  3. Nippon Paint (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. shall not bear any liability for any direct, occasional, consequential, indirect or penalizing loss caused directly or indirectly by the use or incapability to use this web site, or any other loss, costs or expenses, including but not limited to the following:
  • I. accuracy or reliability of the contents herein;
  • II. suitability or quality standard of any such service or content for any particular purpose;
  • III. any error or delay in any such service or content.
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