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6 Truths About Formaldehyde In Decoration

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Jan 19, 2023

Formaldehyde is the most resistant to many people who have just moved into a new home. Everyone does not want formaldehyde to enter their house, and even starts to worry about it, but is it really the case? Is formaldehyde really so frightening? Let's follow Nippon Paint to learn about formaldehyde in decoration!
What points should be paid attention to in formaldehyde in decoration?
1. Short-term exposure to low-level formaldehyde will not cause too much harm to humans. Of course, it will also pose a certain threat to some people who are allergic to formaldehyde. For example, it will cause discomfort symptoms on the eyes and throat. Including respiratory patients, pregnant women or children, etc. need special attention. Because formaldehyde is an irritating gas, the antibodies to patients, pregnant women or children are lower than ordinary people, so they are prone to discomfort symptoms.
2. In fact, formaldehyde also has its measurement standards. The World Health Organization has pointed out that formaldehyde concentrations below 0.08ppm (0.1 mg/m³) are relatively safe for humans. Therefore, the higher the concentration of formaldehyde, the greater the harm. 0.08 ppm (0.1 mg/m³) is an acceptable upper limit for indoor formaldehyde concentrations in most countries. The country also has stated "Indoor Air Quality Standards", in the indoor air environment, the maximum allowable concentration of formaldehyde per 1 hour is 0.1 mg per cubic meter.
3. In fact, formaldehyde is not only released from fresh paint, but also part of the formaldehyde is released from the furniture in the house. It is basically impossible to use zero-formaldehyde furniture. Because almost all furniture is composed of sheets, some adhesives and other tools. While these materials release formaldehyde, so does the wood used for wood products.
4. Many people read on the Internet that using grapefruit peels can absorb formaldehyde. They will place grapefruit peels in various places in the house. But in fact, grapefruit peel is only because of its own aroma, which covers the odor of formaldehyde, rather than decomposing and absorbing formaldehyde itself. Therefore, removing formaldehyde from grapefruit peels is completely unscientific.
5. The most effective way to reduce formaldehyde is actually not to buy any equipment. This process can completely eliminate formaldehyde in your home for free, that is, ventilation. The volume between air and formaldehyde is the same, and formaldehyde is easily mixed in the air, so we use this to take formaldehyde away through air circulation and discharge it into the house. Not only that, in addition to emitting formaldehyde, ventilation can also reduce other volatile indoor pollutants such as benzene and xylene. Ventilation can be regarded as one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to eliminate formaldehyde.
6. In fact, Nippon Paint has also launched some formaldehyde-resistant indoor latex paints for you to choose from. Because we know that many residents will value the elimination of formaldehyde, so in order to ensure the safety of everyone's living and living environment, both adults and children have their own exclusive anti-formaldehyde latex paint. If you are planning to decorate a new house, you can consider using Nippon Paint's formaldehyde-resistant indoor latex paint, so that Nippon Paint can create a comfortable and secure living environment for you and your family.
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