Nippon Paint Membership Program

nClub is the membership scheme of Nippon Paint Hong Kong. You can earn point in every purchase, and point can be updated in real time at computer system. Member can check back your total accumulative points immediately. Every product has different point, buy more get more. Plentiful rewards are waiting for you.

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Smartphone Application

Download the mobile App (iPhone/Android), to check product points anytime, anywhere, and easily redeem favorite gifts.

1. Download Step

The nClub mobile App is capable for both iPhone and Android platforms. Please download the app that suits your mobile model first.

2. Membership Registration

(a) If you have already registered as a member, you can click on the "Gift Redemption" page and enter the registered mobile phone number. The system will immediately send out a SMS verification code. Please enter the verification code to be confirmed. After that, you can log-in.
(b) If you have not registered, click the "Gift Redemption" page, enter your mobile phone number, and fill in the registration form after verification, than you can log-in.

3. Account Check

‍After logging in, you can check those available points in your account.

4. Point Saving

‍Enter the "Registration Points" page/press the "Add Points" button on the upper right corner of the homepage to scan the barcode or enter 2 sets of barcodes on the product label, and then press OK to save points.

4.1 Point saving by photo taking

‍You can also save points by clicking on the imported photos button in the lower left corner after entering the points registration page. However, the imported photos must be clearly displayed 2 sets of barcodes for the system to scan.

4.2 Point saving directly

‍You can also enter the 2 sets of barcodes on the product by pressing the manual input in the lower right corner after entering the registration point page.

5. Gift Redemption (E-coupon)

‍If you want to redeem a gift, click "Gift Redemption", select your favorite gift and indicate the required quantity, and then click OK. You will receive an e-coupon automatically issued by the system, and finally you can redeem the gift with the e-coupon QR Code at the designated redemption location.

5.1 Gift Redemption (Mailing)

‍5.1 If you choose to send the redemption gift by mail, select the favorite gift and indicate the required quantity and press OK, you will receive a redemption letter from us within 14 days. During the whole process, you can also track the status of gifts through "Gift Tracking".