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Nippon Paint Aquatec Wood White Primer (interior)

Nippon Paint Aquatec Wood White Primer (interior)

Modified waterborne urethane resin, extremely low VOC, non heavy metal and no lead add. Friendly to use no strong odor when apply. Ideal for use on interior furniture, windows, wooden door sets and any other need wood protection and decorative purpose. Sealer primer to seal off and protection base timber quality.


•Easy to apply by paint compressed air spray and brush.
•Protection against fungus and mold
•Excellent water resistant
•Extra Preserve the wood character
•Easy clean & resist to house detergent.
•Quick dry
•Low odor

  • Anti-algae
  • Anti-fungus
  • Quick drying time
  • Waterproof

Theoretical Coverage:12 (m2/L/coat)
No of Coat Recommended: 1~2 coats
Diluent: Clean Water
Dilution Rate: 5-10% (Adjustment depends on application method)
Drying Time - Touch dry: At least 30 minutes (at 25ºC)
Drying Time - Recoating: At least 3 hours at 25℃
Packing: 1 Litre, 3 Litres

*The information given applies to the product and its performance under specific test conditions. The actual data may vary slightly depending on the application conditions, methods, and surface conditions.


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