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The Causes and Treatment of Flouring of Walls in Village Houses

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Jan 13, 2023

The Causes and Treatment of Chalking in Village Houses
The “village house” is in the midst of nature, away from the noisy city, and integrated with nature. Some people think that living in such a beautiful place must be very pleasant. However, with the passage of time, the exterior walls of the house will inevitably suffer from years of damage, such as excessive exposure to sunlight for a long time, or damage to the walls caused by improper paint selection, and so on. Damaged walls will greatly reduce the overall aesthetics of the house, which will greatly reduce the mood of the homeowner when he sees it. What Is Chalking?
Chalking refers to the fact that the latex paint film attached to the wall loses its original gloss, resulting in a layer of powder on the surface of the wall. Over time, these powders will gradually fall off the wall. Not only will it affect the aesthetics of the wall, but the falling dust will also cause a great potential crisis to the air quality in the house.
What is the cause?
All dark exterior wall paints will directly affect the durability of the wall, because dark colors will absorb more heat and ultraviolet rays than light colors. After a long period of wind and sun, dark exterior walls will absorb excessive heat and Ultraviolet rays, resulting in chalking, which is the object produced by the degradation of the binder in the paint. Or when the paint was painted, the recommended thickness of the oil was not paid attention to. If it is deeper or thinner than the recommended thickness, it will also lead to insufficient protection, which will cause various problems on the wall.
How to avoid and solve it?
Nippon Paint suggests that if the exterior wall paint has chalked up, it is best to renovate it. Choosing a primer is the most critical step. Nippon Paint recommends that you use the Nippon Paint Multi-Function Water-Based Waterproof Kit: Nippon Paint Water-based Waterproof Primer and Nippon Paint Tsuya Ichiban Water Based Gloss Top Coat. Both are waterproof and have good weather resistance. No matter it is any long-term wind and rain, they can be as stable as Mount Tai and stand upright. A primer followed by a top coat is the best way to protect the health of your walls most effectively.

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