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Jul 12, 2022

Many people do not understand what is the use of paint? When do you need paint? Are primers and topcoats necessary?

Paint is a fluid that, after coating the surface of a substrate, dries into a continuous solid film. This is the most concise definition of paint, and depending on the type of paint, can provide one or more functions, such as decorative, protective, special functions.
– Decorative: The colour, relief texture, finish and gloss level of the lacquer provide a decorative effect.
– Protective: Different lacquers provide protection for different types of substrates. Including resistance to high humidity, chemicals, oils, corrosion, algae growth and abrasion.
– Special uses: Paints can also be formulated for special uses. For example, fluorescent paint for signs, anti-condensation paint, flame retardant paint, cathodic electrophoretic paint, etc.

In most paint systems, two or more coatings with different functions are used. Among them, primer and topcoat are both necessary.
– Primer: The first coat in a paint system, applied on lacquer metal and wood. The role of the primer is to increase the adhesion of the topcoat, make the paint less prone to peeling, prevent the paint from being absorbed through the perforated surface, and also make the metal surface resistant to corrosion.
– Topcoat: The final coating in a paint system that has a decorative function such as color, gloss or embossed texture. The topcoat used outdoors needs some special ingredients to resist environmental damage due to the harsher environmental factors, such as UV exposure, chemical corrosion environment, seawater, algae and fungi.

One of the most important determining factors when choosing a paint is the type of substrate. Commonly painted substrates are wood, metal, non-ferrous metals, cement mortar and concrete surfaces, brick. Depending on the substrate, make appropriate paint choices. For example, cement mortar and concrete surfaces are suitable for acrylic latex paint due to the characteristics of heavy moisture, and the humidity of the substrate should not exceed 6% before painting; wood fiber density and volume will change due to climate reasons, making the surface adhesion The strength decreases with time, so it is suitable to use a solvent-based paint with good penetration to improve adhesion and durability.

With the advancement of technology, in addition to the basic decoration and the protection function of the substrate, the current topcoat has the protection function developed for different environments. Such as waterproof, anti-exposure, anti-alkali anti-mold, anti-carbonic acid, anti-formaldehyde, and even anti-virus. Choosing a high-quality finish, which is both decorative and functional, has become an indispensable part of improving the quality of life.

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