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Jun 27, 2022

Nippon Paint has thousands of colors to choose from. In addition to dozens of standard colors, there are 1988 fantasy colors. If you feel that there is no favorite object in the standard colors, and the 1988 fantasy thousands of colors are dizzying, then please let Xiaosheng help you choose and choose.

If you are a minimalist who likes white, in addition to the very popular “Ivory White” and “Pearl White”, you can try “Yuqing” which is relatively clear and cool. But if a slightly warmer color system can bring you more peace of mind, “Bing Qing Yu Tou” with a powder in the white, or “Silk White”, “Gardenia” and “Melting Snow” with a faint yellow hidden in the white, It can add a touch of warmth to the minimalist style.
– Ivory (OW038-4)
– Pearl White (OW033-4)
– Yuqing (OW044-4)
– Bing Qing Yu Tou (OW015-4)
– Silk White (YC0015-4)
– Gardenia (YV0030-4)
– Snow Melting (YC0015-4)
If you yearn for nature, why not bring a touch of green into your home. “Pure Green”, although it sounds mundane, has depth and is not too heavy. It makes people feel relaxed and happy after watching it for a long time. Isn’t it like nature? Beneath the bland exterior is a vibrant, powerful energy that nurtures all things. If you like lighter greens, “Fresh Breeze” and “Bi Luo Interdependence” are more suitable. If you prefer cyan, you can try the “spruce” which is like a blue sky.
– Pure Green (GC5510-4)
– Breeze on the Face (GC4651-4)
– Biluo (GC0024-4)
– Spruce (GC0042-4)
If the blue sky and sea are your favorite colors, why not let the blue sky spread to your home. As described in Wang Bo’s poems, “the water and the sky are the same color”, which makes people feel relaxed and enlightened; the “spring water” is as lingering as a waterscape in the south of the Yangtze River; Furthermore, the “celadon”, which is as gentle as a drizzle, is more inclined to light blue than light blue.
– Water and Sky Isise (BN0002-4)
– Spring Water (BC0022-4)
– Dewdrop (BC0021-4)
– Celadon (BC0058-4)
The above is the recommendation for the lighter colors in the three color systems of white, green, and blue, I hope it can be helpful.

If you’re interested in some of the bove colors, click the links below and learn more about NipponPaint’s colors!




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