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Nippe Jikitone Si Clear WB GL30

Nippe Jikitone Si Clear WB GL30

Nippe Jikitone Si Clear WB GL30 is a single-pack waterbased silicone acrylic clear paint designed for protection of spray granite coating and creative coating. With excellent stain resistance, weathering resistance, alkali resistance, fungus & algae resistance, waterproof and washable properties, providing an excellent protection for interior and exterior coatings.


• Easy application

• Excellent adhesion

• Excellent stain resistance

• Excellent alkali resistance

• Excellent weathering resistance

• Excellent washability

• Waterproof property

• Fungus and algae resistance


    Theoretical Coverage: 1.5~1.7(kg/m2/coat)
    No of Coat Recommended: 1~2 coats
    Diluent: Clean Water
    Dilution Rate: 0-3% (Adjustment depends on application method)
    Drying Time - Touch dry: 4 hours (at 23ºC)
    Drying Time - Recoating: At least 24 hours (at 23ºC)
    Packing: 18kg + 0.04kg colour straw
    Finish: Matt
    Colour: 5 standard colours

    *The information given applies to the product and its performance under specific test conditions. The actual data may vary slightly depending on the application conditions, methods, and surface conditions.


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