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RESET – Trend Beyond Colour

Jan 1, 2022

For the past few years, the world had undergone tremendous changes; and an ever-changing world forces us to face the future with a new attitude and vision. “Nippon Paint Trend Beyond Colour 2022/2023”, driven from a theme of RESET – Restart a Better Life. We would like to inspire your choices of colours to adjust your paths of direction in the upcoming year through four different colour stories by showing you interaction of creativity and colour in the design of space and live.

REVIVE – Healing Nature
Introducing nature into the home for stimulating the five senses; creating tranquility lined with green trees for bringing a comfortable and relaxing emotion to the space. Let the colours of nature to heal you and me.

RESTORE – Total Wellbeing
Learn to relax from your daily busy life; create a gentle and soothing self-healing space at home to regain the balance of the body and soul.

RECONNECT -Better Together
Joyful re-unities should be started from home. Cheerful colours create a harmonious and happy atmosphere in the space, which encourage people to smile and communicate with each others.

REFLECT – Reflection of Beauty
Enjoy and indulge every little moment now and then in life! Inspired by precious minerals, colours with rich and warm tones, it belongs to the bright color family of wanton indulgence.

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