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5 Things You Need to Know About Plastering

Painting Tips
Jan 20, 2023

Many people think that renovating your walls means painting the wall. However, there's actually many more construction details behind it. When we decorate the wall of the unit, we often find that the wall is uneven and blistered. At this time, we need to remove these loose parts, and then use the batch of wall ash to build a good wall base and strengthen the wall. Stability and fixity. So as to make the wall smooth and flawless, just like the reason why girls also apply primer before makeup. So choosing a high-quality batch of wall plaster is also a science.
1. What are the approved wall plasters on the market?
Painters traditionally mixes raw materials such as vegetable glue, whitening powder, gypsum powder, varnish and white glue to make batches of wall plaster by themselves. Although it is relatively cheaper, crafting your own plaster requires certain skills and technique, while having lower stability which could cause uneven end product. Moreover, the materials used also emit unpleasant smell. Therefore, Nippon Paint encourages you to use ready-made plasters. Nippon Paint Odour-less Wall Putty works as good as traditional plasters while being odour-less and eco-friendly. You also don't have to spend time mixing materials and keep adjusting the plaster to get a perfect plaster, Nippon did all that for you.
2. What are the problems with vegetable gum powder in the market?
Vegetable glue powder not only requires a lot of effort to prepare, as it contains plant fiber extracted from seaweeds, it could also easily cause mold on the wall!
3. How to perfect Plastering?
Plastering can be divided into three steps:
1. Ashes
2. Applying Plaster
3. Polish
Putting ash is actually filling up some uneven walls with large gaps to make them smooth, and adding batches of wall ash to increase their stability. The next step is to apply the plaster to make the surface of the wall smoother and smoother. Through repeated plastering actions, the smooth effect can be achieved. However, the plastering should not be too hasty and can be applied all at once. It is necessary to wait for each layer of plastering to dry before applying plaster again. Otherwise, cracks will appear on the wall, and if you apply too much too quickly, the natural absorption will be uneven, so remember not to be too quick and too thick at once. The last step is polishing, mainly to sweep away the excess dust on the wall and make the overall wall smoother and smoother. Polishing also needs to be repeated many times to make the pine paint more full and smooth. As for the grinding tool, you can choose Nippon Sponge Sand Brick with high-density sponge, electrostatic sand planting process, parallelogram design, easy to grind at the corners, good elasticity, durability, not easy to remove sand, and can be reused after cleaning.
4. Things to note about special weather
The wall has been severely eroded by the accumulation of precipitation over time. In addition to the problem of time, there are also reasons for the climate. Because the climate in Hong Kong is often humid, and the housing environment and structural problems in Hong Kong are quite special, the sunlight cannot fully shine into the house, which makes the problem of humidity in the house gradually serious. In addition to re-cleaning the dust, the best way is to take good ventilation measures, for example: opening the windows to allow air convection, which can effectively eliminate the humid molecules mixed in the air. Or some special weather, such as the weather after rain or the rainy season that is prone to mold, you need to pay attention when these weathers occur. Residents with dehumidifiers can use dehumidifiers to strengthen the elimination of moisture in the house. Content, fully keep the room in a state of constant temperature, dryness and humidity.
5. Handling of special situations
Residents may encounter some serious wall problems. For example, the wall has been aged for more than 10 years, and a large area of the wall has been severely affected by moisture. Carry out a major renovation, and redo it together with the paint and dust on the wall. You don't have to worry about this cumbersome project, because Nippon Paint has launched a refresh service for homeowners who need major renovations to help them solve the problem. All the problems encountered in the renovation do not need to be done by the customer at all. Nippon Paint provides one-stop service, and also provides a variety of renovation cases for customers to refer to, so that everyone can have a general understanding of the renovation, and then a series of renovations will be introduced Process, answer customers' doubts, strive to achieve excellence, and provide residents with a perfect and comfortable living environment.

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