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Painting Tips
Jun 17, 2022

I believe everyone will want to renovate the idea of ​​​​a small apartment.

I believe everyone will want to renovate the idea of ​​​​a small apartment.

But I have no idea how to decorate and paint. So I first inquired about how to renovate the walls, and then I researched how to choose paint. After a week, I finally settled on the final plan. First of all, after repeatedly sifting through so many paint brands, after asking seniors with experience in decoration, I chose to use Nippon Paint from Japanese brands. But how to choose a specific latex paint? Since do–it–yourself added to the budget, plus for a more comfortable life, decided not to skimp on paint. However, although the design of Nippon Paint's children's paint 'Little Prince' is very attractive, the 'Golden Formaldehyde Anti–Formaldehyde Net Smell Full Effect' with bamboo charcoal formula was finally selected.

It seems that many choices have been made, but the most difficult choice has only begun, and that is the color. I have to say that there are too many choices of paint colors. There are so many colors on the Nippon Color Card, and there are countless shades of white alone. In the long exploration and selection, there is a color called 'soft pearl color' that has been lingering in my heart for a long time. It was a pale, shell–like, soft white. I immediately settled on 'Soft Pearl' as my paint color.


Although not every detail is perfect, but the final result is still very satisfactory. Brand new walls, comfortable tones. The following are the materials I used, hoping to provide some help for friends who are considering refurbishing paint.

乳膠漆:立邦金裝抗甲醛淨味全效,顏色:OW078-4 柔珠彩

Nippon Paint Gold Formaldehyde-Buster Odour-less All-in-1(Bamboo Charcoal technology)


Nippon Paint Anti-fungus Solution