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Nippon Paint Water-based Soft Fiber Waterproof Roof
Nippon Paint Water-based Soft Fiber Waterproof Roof adopt an upgrade formula, refined by high quality acrylic resin, and added anti-crack fiber. In additional to waterproof performance, enhanced the "anti-cracking, anti-hydrolysis, anti-algae, weathering & anti-UV and anti-heat conduction ". The coating after drying will become thickness, high gloss and anti-stain, and also anti-UV function greatly improved. Diffusible soft elastic fiber design, with excellent tensile strength and impermeability, to fill the crack on the ground and wall, effectively blocking the water penetration, to achieve a comprehensive waterproof effect. And its good hiding power, can easily complete the beautiful waterproof coating surface. Brushing smooth and save effort, regardless of professional construction or DIY are appropriate!
Associated Product
Nippon Paint Water-based Waterproof Primer
9” FASTO Waterproof Roller

  1. Anti-cracking
  2. Anti-hydrolysis
  3. Anti-algae
  4. Weathering & anti-UV
  5. Anti-heat conduction
  1. Completely remove the old paint and stain on the roof, until the ground dry and then construction.
  2. Seal the drain with tape to prevent obstruction during construction.
  3. Apply more on Cracks, the corner formed by roof and wall, the old and new seams. 
  4. Apply 1 layer of Nippon Paint Water-based waterproof primer.
  5. Apply 2 layers of Nippon Paint Water-based soft fiber waterproof roof by roller or brush (each layer about 0.5mm thick).
  6. Construction should be under consecutive sunny days, to avoid the coating damage before drying under bad weather.
  7. Apply coating cover all the rooftop (including the wall) to avoid leakage.

Theoretical Coverage:4kg (7.9 ㎡/coat), 15kg (29.7㎡/coat)
No of Coat Recommended:2 coats
Dilution Rate:1st layer: 5% water diluted ; 2nd layer: Apply without dilute
Drying Time - Touch dry:At least 2-4 hours (25ºC)
Drying Time - Recoating:4 hours
Packing:4kg, 15kg
Colour:White, Grey, Green
The information given applies to the product and its performance under specific test conditions. The actual data may vary slightly depending on the application conditions, methods, and surface conditions.