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Nippon Paint Hong Kong 50th Anniversary edition card holder winner list

During the 50 anniversary of Nippon Paint HK, we launched a special promotion for our NClub Members. For the winner list, please click inside the post. If you are going to redeem the special gift - NPHK 50 anniversart edition Card Holer, please visit our Color Work Space and bring along with the redemption letter we sent you by mail. A Card holder can be redeemed by each valid redemption letter. 

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The situation of the novel coronavirus infection is serious. People avoid going out and stay at home. Everyone can make better use of your time. Let freshen up your home decor with paint and make your life less stuffy!

Buy Nippon Paint online now! Our products are available on HKTVmall. You can also visit and shop at Nippon Paint Color Creation Centre.

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Anti-disease painting project during holiday

Did you know that walls have viruses and bacteria? Kids touch the walls when they play and walls are usually overlooked as a medium that transmits viruses and bacteria. Most people stay at home and less outdoor activities recently. How to make good use of your holidays? You can protect your family by simply painting the interior of your home (especially kids’ room) with anti-bacterial emulsion paint. Start your anti-disease painting project now!